Click here to see the map of 12 rue saint-romain - ROUEN

If you come from Calais, you Follow the green itinerary.

If you come from Paris, you follow the Pink itinerary .

In Calais, take the A16 for 103 Km, to Rouen Abbeville.
Go out Le Tréport Rouen. Le Havre .Abbeville-centre.
In Abbeville, take the A28 for 97 Km, to Rouen.

In Paris take the A13 for 113 Km toRouen Caen.
Take the way on the left to Rouen.

Go on to the A28 which will be N28.
Take the tunel for about 1Km.

Follow the N138 to Rouen west.
In Petit couronne, place you on the way on the left.
Take the N338, to Rouen.

800 m after the tunel of la grand-mare, take the way on the right to Rouen right bank.
After the bridge, turn on the right to Rouen right bank.
At the third traffic signals, turn on the right to hôtel de ville.
Which is at the third traffic signals in the traffic free road on the feft..

At the exit of the fast way, at the roundabout, go on face.
At the traffic signals, take on the left to Rouen center.
At the third traffic signals turn on the right.
Go upright and take the bridge on the left at the fourth traffic signals.
After the bridge, go upright, the hotel situates at the third traffic signals in the free road on the left.