The city boasts many exceptional museums,
all with rare and unusual collections particularly the Impressionism.

Rouen's museums are impossible
to choose from-they are treasure troves not to be missed !

The Museum of Fine Arts An exceptional collection of paintings, drawings, and sculptures to which should be added some furniture and objet d'arts. The paintings of Caravage, Velasquez, Fragonard, Géricault, and of course Monet and Sisley, are the most famous.Square Verdrel
The Museum of Ceramics An important collection of faience and ceramics which reveals the development of this great local production from the XVIth to the XVIIIth century.
The Secq des Tournelles museum Its collection of iron work includes signs, locks, utensiles, architectural tools and implements and is world unique.
The museum of antiquities Egyptian and Greek, Gallo-roman archeology, Merovingian and Medieval, XVth and XVIth century timber frame collection. Middle Age objet d'arts, Renaissance furniture and tapestries.
The national museum of education Reconstruction of a rural classroom, and temporary theme exhibitions.
The museum of natural history, ethnography and prehistory Ethnography collections devoted to Central Africa and the South Sea Islands, mineralogy, paleontology. A collection of exotic and regional vertebrates and invertebrates, diorama of local fauna.
The Pierre Corneille museum Reconstruction of his study with XVIIth century furniture and library, on the first floor of the house where he was born.
The Flaubert, and history of medicine museum Souvenirs of Gustave Flaubert, and the room of his birth. Pharmaceutical ceramics, medical and surgical instruments, documents and hospital furnishings, statues of healer saints.
The Joan of Arc museum This museum retraces the life of Joan of Arc through models, manuscripts, books, and wax-wold figures. Commentary in four languages.
The Rouen port, river and maritime museum Collections concerning Rouen's connection with the sea, the merchant navy, river traffic, and pleasure boating on the Seine : boat restoration workshop.