The cathedrale of Notre-Dame

Constructed over several centuries, the development
of every period of gothic style can be followed :
the XIIth century Tour Saint-Romain,
the XIVth century Portail des Libraires and
Portail de la Calende, the XVth and XVIth century
West Wall and Tour de Beurre,
the 152 meter XIXth century cast iron spire.
Remarkable XIIIth, XIVth, XVth and XVIth century stained glass.
Exceptional monuments to the dead
(remains of the dukes of Normandy, Renaissance tombs
of the Cardinals of Amboise...)

The Saint-Maclou church

A jewel of flamboyant gothic art (XVth century),
it has a famous portal with 5 porches,
the carvings on the wooden doors
dating back from 1552.

The abbey church of Saint-Ouen

Built between the XIVth and the XVIth centuries,
this is one of the most beautiful gothic monuments in France.
XVIIIth century choir gates. Superb organs renovated
by Cavaillé-Coll during the XIXth century.

The Gros Horloge

This consists of a belfry and a
Renaissance style stone arch spanning the street,
topped by a timber frame house having
at each side a polychrome clock face.

The church of St Joan of Arc

Magnificent XVIth century stained glass
which originated in the church of Saint-Vincent,
destroyed during the last war.